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ASHM Newsletter - June 2015
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That's a wrap! Thank you to participants of 2018 Australasian HIV&AIDS Conference
We would like to thank all delegates, speakers, sponsors, exhibitors and the conference committee who attended and participated in the Australasian HIV&AIDS Conference (#HIVAUS18) held in Sydney, Australia from 24 - 26 September. Selected presentations and abstracts are now available in the program (audio recordings forthcoming). Access them here 

Conference Key Learnings Report coming soon | Read ASHM scholarship recipients Report Back 
The Key Research Findings Report of the conference will be released in forthcoming weeks. In the meantime, don't miss the Report Back from ASHM scholarship recipients who shared their learnings from the conference.
2018 HIV surveillance data newly released: Annual HIV diagnoses hit seven year low

Australia has recorded its lowest level of HIV diagnoses in seven years, according to a new report from the Kirby Institute at UNSW. There were 963 new HIV diagnoses in Australia in 2017, representing a 7% decline over five years, and the lowest number of new diagnoses in seven years. The reductions were greatest among gay and bisexual men, with a 15% reduction in the past year alone. In contrast, the number of new HIV diagnoses increased by 10% among heterosexuals over the past five years, and HIV diagnosis rates remain almost two times higher in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander populations. Read more

See also: New 2018 Annual Report of Trends in Behaviour that presents data from a selection of the behavioural and social research conducted by the Centre for Social Research in Health. Read more 
Update in Human T-lymphotropic virus type 1

Members of the ASHM HTLV-1 Working Group attended the HTLV-1 National Collaborative Forum in held in Alice Springs on 28-29 August 2018. The Forum discussed priority actions to start addressing HTLV-1 in Australia, including research priorities, clinical guidelines and public health interventions.  HTLV-1 was highlighted at the 2018 Australasian HIV&AIDS Conference held in Sydney from 24-26 September 2018 with research presented on HTLV-1c virology, pathogenesis, clinical presentation, transmission, epidemiology and the concerns that this virus presents for Australian health.  Read more
Understanding Undetectable = Untransmissible (U=U) for Women Living with HIV

26 September 2018: ASHM was delighted to host the launch of a new global resource from ICASO for women living with HIV and their understanding of what an undetectable HIV viral load means in relation to being unable to transmit HIV (U=U). The science behind the U=U message is unequivocal and provides clear evidence that we can reduce the anxiety related to the sexual transmission of HIV with confidence if a person living with HIV maintains an undetectable viral load. “The experiences and needs of individual women living with HIV are hugely diverse and the personal stories shared here from women living with HIV give reason for optimism,” says Heather Elis, Chair of Positive Women Victoria.  Find out about the U=U Resource
Access the Guide for Clinicians and other Healthcare Providers to discuss U=U

ASHM has further updated the evidence-based Guide for Clinicians and other Healthcare Providers to discuss Undetectable = Untransmittable (U=U) with latest evidence to inform clinicians and other healthcare service providers and better equip them to discuss with their patients how antiretroviral treatment (ART) for people living with HIV prevents onward sexual transmission of HIV to their partners and the issues that are relevant to this issue.  Download the Guide
Dr Angie Pinto announced as 2018 Levinia
Crooks Emerging Leader in BBV and STI

Congratulations to Angie Pinto, infectious diseases physician and clinical microbiologist at The Kirby Institute UNSW, on being awarded the inaugural Levinia Crooks Emerging Leader Award in BBV and STI. Her research project investigates the long term outcomes of primary HIV infection. She delivered an oration at the 2018 Australasian HIV&AIDS Conference on her work in molecular epidemiology that helps to understand HIV transmission characteristics.

In addition, special recognition was awarded to Michael Brown from Cairns Sexual Health for his outstanding community-based HIV work in peer navigation.  Read more about the Award
Global declaration to eliminate hepatitis C in people who inject drugs

A declaration, calling for political leaders to take action, was launched and signed by organisations and members of parliament during the 7th International Symposium on Hepatitis Care in Substance Users in Cascais, Portugal. Members and representatives of the community working to eliminate hepatitis C declared concern with the gap between the global impact of hepatitis C on the health and well-being of people who use drugs and the limited access to evidence-based services effective for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of hepatitis C infection. Read more
ACCESS mark their 10th anniversary

What started ten years ago as a health surveillance system to monitor chlamydia is being celebrated as one of the pillars of Australia’s strategic response to sexually transmitted infections, and blood borne viruses. The Australian Collaboration for Coordinated Enhanced Sentinel Surveillance of Blood Borne Viruses and Sexually Transmitted Infections (ACCESS) — a collaboration between Burnet Institute, the Kirby Institute and the National Serology Reference Laboratory — plays an important role in Australia’s efforts to meet World Health Organization and UNAIDS goals for HIV and hepatitis elimination by 2030. Read more
Do you work in the health sector in the area of blood borne viruses and sexually transmissible infections?

Researchers from the University of New South Wales are seeking volunteer research participants to learn about experiences of those working in the areas of hepatitis C, HIV and injecting drug use. Complete the online survey at and nominate your favourite charity to receive one of three $500 donations.
Queensland Health launches “Stop the rise of STIs” campaign

Queensland Health is running a sexual health campaign, Stop the Rise of STIs, to encourage young people to see their GP or health professional to get tested for Sexually Transmissible Infections (STIs).

STI rates in Queensland are high and increasing each year. Queenslanders aged 15-29 have among the highest rates of STIs and significant knowledge gaps when it comes to STIs and sexual health. Materials and other helpful resources can be found on the Queensland Health campaign web page. Read more
  Registrations closing soon on 14 October  
Asia Pacific Sexual Health Congress  
1 - 3 November 2018,  Pullman Hotel, Auckland, NZ

Join an opportunity to participate in a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary networking event for sexual health. Congress theme: ‘He muka nō te taura whiri', Many Strands Make up one Rope.

Keynote Speaker Highlights:
Also find out how Air New Zealand are offering IUSTIAP Congress delegates 5% off return flights.
  Would you like specialist approval to initiate  
  patients on hepatitis C treatment in 24 hours?

Medical practitioners who are not experienced in hepatitis C treatment can gain specialist approval or further guidance to initiate DAA therapy for their patients by completing the REACH-C online form. 'Real world efficacy of antiviral therapy in chronic hepatitis C' is a national prospective multi-centre observational cohort study which aims to evaluate uptake and real world outcomes of direct anti-viral therapy for HCV in Australia.  Go to the REACH-C form
Guide for primary care providers 'B Positive' goes completely online with a new improved website

ASHM's third edition of B Positive: A guide for primary
care providers
goes totally online with a new improved website. Since the last edition in 2014 there has been an increased global focus on elimination of Hepatitis B as a public health concern by the year 2030 with targets set by the World Health Assembly member states, including Australia, to diagnose and treat the 250 million people living with hepatitis B worldwide. We hope this updated addition becomes a valued resource.  Access the website
ASHM Training is available for a broad range of health professionals, including general practitioners. On offer are a range of training courses for clinicians and nurses at all levels who are seeking to up-skill in HIV, hepatitis C and hepatitis B management. Sexual health, infectious diseases and general physicians, registrars and medical students and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Workers are all encouraged to attend. Nurses may wish to learn about courses available in the Nursing Program. Our courses are accredited by relevant professional bodies, and participants are eligible for CPD points.

See ASHM courses listed online by Australian state and territory or for more information on how to register contact or +61 2 8204 0796
Would you like to attend the Kirby Institute Seminar Series remotely via webinar?
ASHM are pleased to partner with the Kirby Institute to offer webinar access to selected education seminars from their Seminar Series 2018. Visit the ASHM Training Calendar

Next Up: Tue 30 Oct – COUNT 2 Study with Prof Martin Holt & Phillip Keen  |  Register here

Access to past webinars are also available:
Integrated Care Centers for Delivery of HIV Care to Key Populations in India with Dr Sunil Suhas Solomon  | View the video

Anal HPV infections and anal dysplasia
in gay and bisexual men in Amsterdam with Maartin F Schim van der Loeff  |  View the video
New online learning for HIV Prescribers: The Evolving Landscape of HIV Treatment

It is more important than ever for S100-prescribing GPs to stay abreast of the treatment landscape. The choice of ART regimen affects the risks of different comorbidities, so choosing the most appropriate therapy is important for maximising quality of life. This course, produced in a collaboration between ASHM and mdBriefCase, will help you stay up to date with the current guidelines and recommended regimens in the treatment of HIV, emphasising the management of comorbidities and strategies to mitigate them.  
Access the Training
Introducing an innovative podcast series for S100 HIV Prescribers

Hosted by Dr Brad McKay, HIV in Podcast is a series of engaging podcasts exploring the latest research in HIV care, along with insights, hints and tips, from some of the world's leading experts in HIV treatment and prevention. Earn HIV CPD points simply by listening to accredited episodes (1 point awarded per hour). New users to the Praxhub website will need to register first; and then access podcasts by searching for the HIV in Podcast page. Access podcasts at
HIV/Sexual Health Clinical Education Sessions
Presented each Wednesday throughout 2018

In collaboration with Sydney Sexual Health Centre ASHM run free education sessions on Wednesday throughout 2018. The Clinical Education Seminars are presented by physicians and specialists and deliver education targeted at sexual health clinicians. It is open to everyone working in the field of HIV and sexual health, inclusive of clinicians and non-clinicians. Accessible both online via webinar and face-to-face.  View the training calendar


Australian College of Midwives
16-18 October  |  Perth WA

Visit the website

HIV Drug Therapy Glasgow 2018
28-31 October 2018  |  Glasgow, Scotland

Visit the website

IUSTI Asia Pacific Sexual Health Congress 2018
1-3 November | Auckland, New Zealand

Visit the website

The Australasian Professional Society on Alcohol & other Drugs (APSAD) Conference
4-7 November 2018  |  Auckland, New Zealand

Visit the website

Australasian Viral Hepatitis Elimination Conference
5-6 August 2019  |  Brighton-le-Sands, Sydney NSW

Visit the website