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HIV Prescriber Email Alert

Introducing an innovative podcast series for S100 prescribers
ASHM is delighted to introduce the community to HIV in Podcast! 

Hosted by Dr Brad McKay, HIV in Podcast is a series of engaging podcasts exploring the latest research in HIV care, along with insights, hints and tips, from some of the world's leading experts in HIV treatment and prevention. Earn HIV CPD points simply by listening to accredited episodes (1 point awarded per hour).

Our host, Dr Brad McKay, a General Practitioner at East Sydney Doctors, Sydney, specialising in sexual health.

To access podcasts and HIV CPD points:

  1. Sign up at
  2. Search for the HIV in Podcast page
  3. Earn HIV CPD points by listening to eligible episodes (1 point awarded per hour)

Explore a range of episodes covering contemporary topics:

PrEP in HIV prevention
Featuring Dr Vincent Cornelisse & Nurse Robert Bedbrook
Metabolic and cardiovascular risk in patients with HIV
Featuring Prof. Andrew Carr
AIDS 2018 highlights
Featuring A/Prof. Derek Chan