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Join the leading 2018 Australasian HIV&AIDS Conference
Monday 24 - Wednesday 26 September  |  Sydney, NSW AUSTRALIA

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The focus of the session will be on challenging common assumptions about the role of drugs in sex, while acknowledging potential harms that need to be addressed in sexual health and harm reduction service provision.  View the Conference Program

Speakers include:
  • Mohamed Hammoud on the drugs CBMSM are using and the role they play 
  • Garrett Prestage on the intersection between drug use and mental health 
  • Jennifer Power on social connectivity in the context of sexualised drug use 
  • Kane Race on crystal meth use and pleasure 
  • Plus a panel discussion that looks at how do we work with GBMSM who use drugs during sex in a way that acknowledges their subjective value but also minimises harm
Committee Highlight
Bridget Haire

Research Fellow,
Kirby Institute, UNSW Sydney

What is your organisation hoping to achieve by attending the conference?
The HIV Conference is the one conference that brings together all the key actors in the Australasian response to HIV - the community sector, researchers from all relevant fields, clinicians, nurses and key public servants. This means that the conference discussions can cover a range of perspectives that help to deepen multidisciplinary approaches to HIV, and that it offers unique networking opportunities.

Why do you think it is a benefit for your staff to attend the conference?
The breadth of the HIV Conference encourages thinking outside of silos, and this is critical in an era where HIV is being increasingly integrated with other health responses.

What topics are you looking forward to hearing about the most at the conference?
I hope to get a better understanding of how Australia can best position itself to get to zero in terns of new infections, and how we can leverage our experience to strengthen HIV responses in our region
APPLY NOW: ASHM Scholarship available for clinicians and nurses to attend Australasian HIV&AIDS Conference

The ASHM Scholarships Program is offering scholarships for 2018 Australasian HIV&AIDS Conference (24 - 26 September  2018, Sydney AUSTRALIA) with scholarship available to a wide range of NZ-based clinicians and nurses. Applications close on Sunday 12 August 2018.
For more information on ASHM Scholarships and Awards, visit:
or contact Natalie Huska at or +61 2 8204 0770
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